My Name is Eric Bakker (N.D.) & I'm Here to Teach You the Parasite Cleanse I've Successfully Used On Over
 10,000 Patients At My New Zealand Clinic

My Name is Eric Bakker (N.D.) & I'm Here to Teach You the Parasite Cleanse I've Successfully Used On Over 10,000 Patients At My New Zealand Clinic

Everything You Need to Know to Get Rid of a Parasite Infection For Good

By Eric Bakker N.D.

There’s lots of information online on different gut health websites about what works against parasites and how to get rid of them for good.

A lot of this information is put together by people who’ve never seen any patients, but there’s also plenty of information by people like me who do see patients.

Many patients get freaked out when they test positive for parasites. 

They immediately get scary visions of monsters or slimy works with hooks. Something that gets inside you, rips your intestines apart and comes out of your bum and wiggles around in the toilet.

Forget all that stuff. That's some science fiction movie you're thinking about.

The truth is – most parasites are so small you can't even see the darn things without a microscope. And then then you often need something like a PCR test which scans all the DNA strands in a stool sample to determine if there's a parasite or not. 

Many doctors in the West think that unless you've been to a foreign country like India or Africa you don't have to worry about parasites. 

But as you'll learn, this couldn't be further from the truth. 

Be sure to also watch a few of the videos I've embedded into this page from my YouTube channel because you’ll get additional information there not covered below.

The Shocking Truth About Parasite Infection Rates

A randomized study conducted in 2000 by the American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene made a shocking discovery.

They tested 2,896 random people from 48 states and found that about 1 in 3, or 32% of the U.S. population were infection with any number of 18 microscopic parasites. Below is an unedited screenshot of the results page of the study. You can see the whole thing for yourself in the citations section of this page.


Blastocystis hominis was the most common, followed by Cyptosporidum ranking in 2nd and Entamoeba in 3rd.

Another common parasite is pinworms. According to the American Centers for Disease control (CDC), the infection rate of pinworms among all ages is 11.4% in the United States and about 15.5% worldwide.

Conventional stool testing, in my opinion, is a waste of time for parasites. So are blood tests and visual analyses of the stool.

This happens for a number of reasons which I explain my YouTube video above. 

Can Parasite Infections Go Away On Their Own?

They can in some patients, but is it likely? Not really.

In my experience, the majority of patients with parasite infections relapse

They may take a drug and get results for a little while, but then the parasite comes back.

Why does this happen you ask? It happens because most people don't work on their gut environment. They only focus on killing the parasite. 

Here's what I mean: 

I want you to imagine a nice lake. It's got lots of fishes and birds and plants all around it & it's safe to swim in. Now imagine if some chemical company came along and dumped 50 barrels of toxic waste into this nice lake.

What happens? The lake becomes a polluted swampThe fish die, the plants shrivel up and the birds go away. Instead you get hordes of mosquitos, ticks, biting flies and other pests.

Parasites are like that. They're like germs. They're everywhere & they seek out environments with weakened defense systems where they can set up camp. In humans these defenses are a strong immune system & high levels of beneficial bacteria in the GI tract.

That's why I tell patients to avoid antibiotics if they have parasite infections.

"But Eric, my doctor said I'm supposed to take antibiotics for parasites & nothing survives them!"

So why do I say avoid antibiotics?

The problem with antibiotics & other drugs such as antihelminthics (as you've probably read elsewhere) is they indiscriminately target & wipe out EVERYTHING in your gut – including your beneficial bacteria.

They're like napalm or a nuclear weapon.  

And what most people (including many GI docs) don't understand is these beneficial bacteria are what PREVENT parasite infections (as well as most other gut infections) in the first place. 

Good bacteria, primarily Lactobacillus and Bifido, are your gut's IMMUNE SYSTEM. They're like a defense force of a police unit. They keep the "bad guys" (parasites) in check and prevent them from gaining a foothold. 

Think about what would happen to a town or city if one all the "good guys" or police disappeared. 

The criminals would move in and take over.

And that's exactly what's happened in your gut. Be it from drugs, eating too much of certain foods or drinking too much alcohol (which kills beneficial bacteria), something trashed your gut and made it sick.

And when you take an antibiotic you make the problem worse. You wipe out everything – the criminals AND the police. This opens the door for more and more parasites to get in and wreak havoc.

Instead you want something that ONLY targets the “bad guys” and doesn’t harm your beneficial bacteria. That's why I only use NATURAL products in my clinic. Particularly what are called broad spectrum formulas because they wipe out a wide range of different parasites and bad bacteria without causing collateral damage. 

Think of it like a natural antibiotic that only harms the bad stuff and leaves the good guys alone.


Watch the video I posted above because I explain this subject more in there.

This is the #1 reason many patients end up struggling with parasites for YEARS. If you're still reading this I'm willing to bet you've already tried taking one round of drugs after another, or even 2 rounds at once.

And what happened? 

The first time you took some of these drugs you felt a little better for a while right? Your symptoms might have gone away for a few weeks or even a few months. . .

But then the parasites came back. . .

All because there was no "police force" to drop the "bad guys" who pass through your digestive system every day from just setting up camp all over again. And then you felt discouraged & depressed because you just wasted weeks putting all of your energy and hope into this treatment that in the end did nothing.

I've heard this story again and again and again. . .

Eventually the drugs just do nothing at all because your parasites become resistant to them and you end up with a gut with no beneficial bacteria (police) at all and nothing but parasites (bad guys) & the friends they invite (more on this later) crawling around inside you. . .

This is especially true if you've been struggling with parasites for a long time.

Beneficial bacteria are your body's natural anti-parasite defense force. A healthy gut that has high levels of beneficial bacteria is a parasite's worst nightmare. They can't survive for long in this kind of environment because it's toxic to them. 

I know this because I've done the testing. 

As I said in the Youtube videos above, in my experience 90% of people who get treated with drugs come back & complain of the same symptoms they had in the first place!

Tummy pain, diarrhea, gas, bloating, nausea, dizziness.

I can't tell you how many patients I've seen over the last +30 years who went down the conventional route, got put on drugs, saw results for one to three months, & then ended up sick again!

I haven't seen this once. 

I haven't seen this twice. 

I've seen it HUNDREDS of times!

I've read many studies on parasites that claimed they had +90% success rate using some of these drugs, but from clinical experience I can tell you right now that's a load of BULL.

I know this because when I test patients who've been on these drugs their results come back still showing parasites in a large majority of cases. So I don't know where they get 90% from because in my experience it's more like 9%.


Natural or Drug Treatment For Parasites, Which Is More Effective? 

From my clinical experience, the most effective way to get rid of gut parasites for good is natural medicine treatment.

Listen: When I say "natural medicine treatment" I DON'T mean going on Amazon or iHerb and buying a $10 wormwood or clove tincture and taking it every day with a handful pumpkin seeds.

This is what most people do.

And then when they get no results they say "this natural stuff is doesn't work! It's a load of crap!"

And then they spend the next 3 years spending thousands of dollars bouncing from one GI specialist to another trying every expensive antibiotic & antihelminthic drug under the sun and still getting nowhere.

All with the hope that the next drug will finally cure them & return their life to normal.

This is the BIGEST MISTAKE you can make. 

Remember the story I told you about the polluted swamp with the mosquitos and ticks. You can't just focus on the killing the bad bugs. You need to clean up the environment so that those bugs can't live there anymore.

That means focusing on your health as a whole.

We need to focus on transforming your gut from a place where parasites can THRIVE unchallenged – into a place that's HOSTILE to them & instead encouraging to friendly bacteria. 

Here's a more scientific explanation for you.

See this diagram below? This is how the lining of your gut looks like right now.

The way digestion works is food matter passes through your gut & rubs against millions of tiny microscopic "bristles" that line your gut wall. 

These bristles are called microvilli

In healthy people, these microvilli are coated with a layer of friendly bacteria which helps break down food and fights off any parasites (or other gut pathogens) that pass by. When these good bacteria are no longer present parasites & other bugs move in and start causing problems.

Once we 
get rid of the bad guys who have colonized your microvilli & replace them with the good guys (friendly bacteria), your life is going to return to normal pretty darn fast. 

You can't do that with pharmaceutical drugs because they trash the gut and wipe out the good guys. 

Natural medicines are different.

They allow you target ONLY the parasites without hurting your beneficial bacteria. That way you can kill off the parasites AND build up your gut health at the same. This way once the parasites are gone they can't come back.

You can take a natural anti-parasitic supplement for many months at the same time as a high quality probiotic and keep hammering the bad guys building your beneficial count higher and higher. 

Parasite infections respond remarkably well to this kind of treatment. In fact, they respond BETTER than pharmaceutical medicines.

All because natural medicines don't kill your beneficial bacteria.

I've been at this for over 30 years & I can tell you right now – when it comes to gut problems, the natural approach beats the pharmaceutical approach hands down every single time.

Except for the very rare cases when we've exhausted all options for the patient & need to bring out drugs. 

these cases are very, very rare. And in those cases there's going to be fallout for the patient & side effects which we have to clean up over time.

What Are the Most Effective Natural Herbs For Killing Parasites?

My naturopathic clinic has tried well over 100 parasite killing products & herbs in different combinations and I’ve consistently found the following plants to work best. Especially when you combine them all together.

Because then you get a broad spectrum cleansing effect that doesn't just knock out parasites but also bad bacteria & yeast. Because remember what I taught you in my video on why most patients with parasites relapse. Once your gut has parasites & low levels of good bacteria, it's not hard for other "bad guys" to get in. 

The herbs on this list are probably going to be familiar to you.

And that's because THEY WORK when you pick the right supplement as I teach you to do later in this page.

1. Aged Garlic Extract

Garlic has long been known for its medicinal properties, particularly regarding parasites. 

The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Chinese all prescribed high doses of garlic when a patient had intestinal worms. 

Garlic works because it contains allicin, which is the oily yellow liquid that gives garlic its smell. Many studies have been conducted on allicin over the last 100 years. It's been shown to work on everything from one-cell parasites like Blastocystis to larger species such as pinworms and even flatworms and hookworms. 

Allicin is also a very potent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It's even been shown to fight off many viruses.

Not all garlic is created equal. Be sure to avoid any garlic that comes from China. Chinese garlic is known to contain heavy metals due because of the sulphur content which tends to suck up pollutants in the soil.

Choose a supplement that contains aged garlic extract. Simply eating one or two cloves of garlic a day isn't sufficient for the majority of patients. 

Go with a supplement that lists the allicin percentage on the bottle, such as 2% allicin

You may think 2% sounds small but that's actually a whole lot because when that gets released throughout your whole digestive system it's going to have a very strong kill effect on over 800 different kinds of bad bacteria, 20 different kinds of candida & many, many parasite species.

All without harming your beneficial bacteria. 

2. Clove Oil

Clove contains one of the most powerful anti-parasitic agents in the herbal kingdom – eugenol

This compound travels through your bloodstream and kills microscopic parasites and their larva and eggs.

Lab studies have shown clove oil to be effective against all common parasite species including Blastosystis, and Giardia and many forms of bad bacteria such as Clostridium difficile. It works by inhibiting the growth of the parasites and making them shrivel up so your immune system has an easy time picking them off. 

Clove oil has also been shown to stop parasites from attaching to the side of the intestines so you'll have an easier time excreting them.

It's also extremely effective against yeasts. 

3. Black Walnut Hull Extract

Black walnut hull contain a plant substance called tannins, one of which is juglone.

Black walnut trees naturally secrete juglone from their roots to stunt the growth of competing plants and trees, which is why not much grows around them.

According to a 1999 University of Mississippi study, juglone is more effective at wiping out worms, parasites and yeasts than commercially available pharmaceutical chemicals such as zinc undecylenate and selenium sulfide as well as many drugs.

It creates a toxic environment for many parasites without harming you or your beneficial bacteria. 

Don't worry if you're allergic to nuts. This extract shouldn't cause you any problems. 

4. GSE

GSE is Grapefruit seed extract.

Back in 1972, a man named Dr. Jacob Harich discovered that there's something in GSE that sets it beyond anything else we've ever discovered. He had been looking for the world’s strongest substance for sterilizing and cleansing.

And that’s what he thought he found in GSE.

The first to take notice was the food industry because Harich found out GSE could inhibit and kill mold on food.

Then hospitals found out about it and they wanted to use it as an antiseptic to clean wounds. They found it could reduce the risk of infection during surgery. It was even used in municipal pools and Olympic swimming pools because it killed bacteria like E. coli.

Then in 1980, the American Research Institute tested it. And they discovered GSE was so powerful it could kill over 800 kinds of bad bacteria, 100 strains of fungi & a large number of both single and multi-celled parasites.

Of course that’s when the pharmaceutical industry got involved and said "hey that natural stuff is all crap, we’ve got chemicals for that."

I still tell patients to take GSE to this day. Why? Because it works.

And because unlike pharmaceutical drugs like antibiotics, GSE doesn't harm your beneficial bacteria. It only targets the bad stuff.

I know this because I've done stool testing. I've given GSE (along with the other herbs on this list) to patients with parasites and watched their parasite levels go down and their beneficial bacteria go up.

You can make you own GSE at home by blending together grapefruit seeds and the white flesh from the rind. A fair warning though: GSE is EXTREMELY bitter. So bitter that most patients have trouble gulping it down. That’s why I recommend getting it in tablets vs making it yourself.

Don’t worry if you can’t eat grapefruits due to a pharmaceutical drug you’re on. You can still take supplements that contain grapefruit seed extract. It won’t cause you any problems.

5. Berberine

Berberine is a natural antibiotic found in certain plants such as goldenseal

It has been used to treat diarrhea and intestinal parasites since ancient times in China. 

Don’t let the fact that it’s an antibiotic worry you. Berberine has no effect on the beneficial bacteria in your gut. Go for a supplement that contains “berberine concentrate HCL” vs one labeled as “goldenseal extract.”

Berberine has even shown to be effective against tapeworm cysts that have become multi-drug resistant (MDR) and would otherwise require surgery to prevent them from rupturing and spreading to other organs such as the liver.

One recent study published in 2014 found berberine extract 100% stops parasites like tapeworms & hookworms from attaching to the gut wall or maturing into their protoscoleces stage where they multiply. It does this to virtually all intestinal parasite species.

Berberine is also effective against some of the nastiest bad bacteria such as e coli, and staph.

6. Neem

Neem has been used in natural medicine in India for over 4,000 years. 

It is a natural pesticide. It's toxic to intestinal parasites and is often used as an insecticide on crops. Neem contains a plant chemical called azadirachtin which is toxic to the nervous system of intestinal parasites. 

It promotes the excretion of parasites through your stools. One way of putting it is that it numbs parasites and puts them into a comatose state so that your body has an easy time getting rid of them. 

Neem also contains 3 powerful anti-fungals & anti-bacterial compounds which are called gedunin, nimbin and nimbidin. Gedunim in particular has been shown to kill malaria. 

These compounds are mostly concentrated in the oil and seeds although there is some present in the bark and leaves as well. 

7. Oregano Oil

Oregano oil (like most of the other herbs on this lists) is a broad spectrum anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-parasitic. Recent studies have shown oregano oil is even effective against bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics.

It contains many plant chemicals that are toxic to parasites and aid in the detoxification process such as carvacrol, thymol and rosmarinic acid. 

This was demonstrated in a clinical study where a group of parasite infected patients were given 600 mg of oregano oil daily for 6 weeks. 100% experienced a reduction in parasite levels and 77% showed no parasites at all. They also experienced a reduction in intestinal dysfunction, fatigue, and other symptoms.

Using oregano oil on parasites is particularly advantageous because parasites can't develop a resistance against it.

Some practitioners tell me that grapefruit seed extract and the other ingredients I use are “old hat” and that it’s time to “upgrade.” These opinions come from dietary supplement companies who convince their customers (the healthcare professionals) that the most effective products are the latest ones they release every year.

I'm not a fan of this approach.



Can Parasites Become Resistant to Natural Supplements?

Resistance doesn’t occur with natural anti-parasites like neem or the other ingredients I mentioned.

That only happens with drugs.


This has been confirmed many times with studies done on things like grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil, clove, and other natural anti-parasitics. It just doesn’t happen.

It happens with pharmaceutical drugs because they are synthetic. They’re only made up of one thing. They’ve got one ultra-refined chemical compound with a very narrow band of action. Once the parasite develops a resistance to this action, the pharmaceutical drug is done. 

Remember, parasites are very adaptive. If you only hit they with one action they will soon work out how to fool this action & pass this off to their next generation. And you know what happens next. The drug no longer works and the parasites come back. And then you go back to the doctor who puts you on a a new drug and the cycle repeats again.

Natural anti-parasitics are different. 

Grapefruit see extract and neem doesn’t just contain one thing. They’ve got many different natural chemicals and compounds in there that make it up.

Neem, for example, has been shown to contain over 300 different plant chemicals in it. The same is true for the other plants I mention above. That’s why I call it a shotgun effect. They attack parasites from many different angles so the parasites get overwhelmed. The parasites don’t know what hit them and can’t fight back.

This is why I tell patients to get a natural broad spectrum formula that has all these ingredients in it and not go the pharmaceutical route. This way you don’t have to rotate several anti-parasite products and can just stick to one top quality proven formula long term. 

And this formula just continues to work because the bugs can’t develop a resistance to it.

How to Separate the Top Quality Products From the "Junk"

After treating many parasite patients over the past 30 years or more, one tends to experiment and try different products out. You use and recommend what works and tend to move on from those products that give poor or average results.

That's how I learned you get better results when you go with a tablet vs a cellulose capsule when it comes to anti- parasite supplements.  I’m not a fan of these small gel capsules with different oils in them. I don’t find them nearly as effective as the dried powder form of these oils.

When you select a tablet, make sure that it’s sustained release. Sustained release means when you swallow this tablet, your digestive system doesn’t get access to everything immediately.

But over a period of several hours it slowly breaks down in the gut.

That way it targets all parts of your GI track. It hits all the parasites and bad bacteria right from your mouth and keeps working all the way through the colon and “back passage.”

Now, likely the supplements you were taking before were not sustained release. They weren’t put together by someone with decades of experience treating your specific health problem. They were likely put together by a company that’s got a 1000 other products and they pay lip service to making an anti-parasite formula.


Or they’ve just put out a neem product or an oregano product. 

And that is expensive.

Why? Let’s say you’ve trying to hunt down products to clean up your gut. You do a comprehensive stool test and it says you’ve got a high count of Klebsiella (a type of bad bacteria) in there along with Blastocystis or another parasite. 

You may have 2 or 3 issues in your gut that need fixing. You’re then likely to look at several separate products. And that’s going to cost you. The same is true if you go out and try to gather all these ingredients one at a time.

That’s why a broad spectrum formula that has all of these ingredients in a sustained release form is the way to go.

Some doctors say you need to get your anti-parasitics naturally from whole foods and not rely on supplements. But in fact that’s what my patients were doing for years. They were going to health food stores. They were buying garlic and dried cloves foods.

And it wasn’t working.

They were buying a little of oregano oil, or a little bit of berberine or a bottle of grapefruit seed extract. But no one had ever put a highly effective product together that targets a wide range of gut pathogens at the same time. 

That's why I got disappointed with the junk that was available in grocery stores. It’s different for you because if you have a problem and you buy a product, it’s either going to work or it’s not.

I treated thousands of people like you, so I got feedback all the time and felt responsible if something I told a patient to take ended up not getting them the results they wanted.

Too many supplements these days are filled with fake ingredients

This isn’t my opinion. It’s a fact. Back in 2015, the New York Attorney General Office conducted 390 tests on a wide range of supplements. They gathered bottles from the shelves of 4 major retail stores. 

These were GNC, Target, Walmart and Walgreens. They then sent the bottles over to a lab and DNA tested every tablet to see if the ingredients matched the label. And guess what they found. . .

Only 21% of the products actually had the herbs advertised on the bottle.

79% didn’t contain 
ANY of the herbs and were just full of crap like rice powder and wheat!

Here’s a screenshot of an article from CBS News reporting on it:

And it gets worse. . .

One survey done by the FDA found 68% of the supplements tested
didn’t even have the MAIN INGREDIENT advertised on the bottle. For example, one “St. John’s Wort” supplement contained nothing but “senna,” a laxative that can cause anal blistering.

Imagine taking something like that when you’ve already got a gut problem.

This is why I tell patients to
avoid generic brand supplements from places like Amazon or iHerb.

The way you find good supplements is by asking “Where did this product come from? Where did the company get the raw materials? What kind of research has gone into this product?”

Did the ingredients come from China?

Was the product formulated by a person who’s an expert on it? Has it been tested and proven to work on your specific problem? Do they provide extensive education about dosage or the best way to use that product?

That’s why in 2013 I set out to create my own formulations to MY standards. The first product I created was called CanXida Remove. CanXida Remove is an advanced 12 ingredient anti-parasite, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial formula based on nearly 33 years of research working with 60,000 gut disorder patients at my New Zealand clinic or via Skype.

It is the only formula of its kind & is in my opinion the most effective gut cleansing product currently available. 

It contains high-grade forms of all the ingredients I listed in sustained release form.

Since then I've also made a probiotic designed specifically for gut disorder patients. 

I’m not going to go too in-depth into it here because this page isn’t about selling supplements. You can learn more about CanXida by watching the video below or by visiting

Whatever supplement you go with, 
make sure it’s high quality. Go with a broad spectrum formula made by someone with experience. Pick a supplement that doesn’t have just black walnut hull and clove in there but also things like grapefruit seed extract, standardized garlic, neem, and oregano.

Avoid products that only have one ingredient. They may be good for parasites but they don't do much against any of the yeast strains or bad bacteria that parasites often team up with. 

It's very expensive to make your own anti-parasitic supplement stack. Trust me, I've seen many patients attempt to do it and they often end up spending thousands of dollars.

Go with a formula that uses standardized ingredients

Standardization means that each time you take this supplement, you're getting a consistent therapeutic dose. It doesn't vary in potency from batch to batch as is often the case in non-standardized supplements. It's a bit like how pharmaceuticals are made.

You get the same strong therapeutic dose every time you take it.

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel. I’ve got over 1,900 free videos on there now all on intestinal parasites & virtually every other gut related disorder out there. Take a look because I think you’ll get a lot out of them.

All the best,
-Eric Bakker N.D.



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